Cove not pairing? Try this!

Initial Pairing

When using Cove for the first time, launch the Cove app and create your profile (if necessary).

Pairing requires that Bluetooth be enabled, so enable it if prompted. Follow the prompts to proceed through pairing.

Returning Users

For returning users, navigate to your profile and tap "Add my Cove". Cove will begin pairing automatically. If it does not, hold the Intensity ⬇ button.

Troubleshooting Pairing

If you encounter difficulty pairing, first try removing and re-pairing Cove.

  1. Remove Cove from your list of Bluetooth devices (iOS, Android instructions will vary depending on device). Note for Android devices, Cove may appear as an anonymous device (see image below).

  2. Launch the Cove app, and navigate to Profile -> Cove device settings

  3. Remove Cove from your profile

  4. Add Cove again via the Cove app

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