When signing into your Cove account, you will receive an access code via email. This eliminates the need to remember or reset a password.

Didn't Receive a Code

Sometimes, access codes don't arrive when expected. Follow these steps if you don't receive your access code:

  1. Check your spam folder - The emails containing the access code sometimes get flagged as spam. Check your spam or junk mail folder for a recent email with a subject "Here is your verification code".

  2. Request the code again - In some cases, the code may fail to generate. Simply request the code again, and keep an eye out for the email.

  3. Contact the Customer Care team - The team can help generate a new code, which will arrive via email. Note that the team cannot directly provide you a new code.

The Code Didn't Work

If you enter your code, and it does not work, please enter it again. In some cases, the submission of the code is not received on the first try. Should the code not work on the second try, please request a new code.

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