Charging Cove

Cove charges via a micro-USB port on the left side. You can charge from any USB power source or AC adapter.

While charging, either a green or red LED will flash. The color depends on whether or not Cove is charged enough for at least 1 session (green for enough charge, red for not enough charge). When Cove is fully charged, the LED will turn off.

Battery Life

The battery will typically last about 4 sessions; however, this depends on the intensity used. Sessions performed at higher intensities (7 - 10) will drain the battery more than lower intensities (3 - 5). It is not uncommon for the battery to drain completely after 2 sessions at high intensity.

Managing the Battery

The battery can require conditioning when you first receive Cove, or if not used for an extended period of time. You condition the battery by charging it fully, and letting it discharge. This can be done while using Cove regularly, but it may take several charging cycles for the battery to condition.

Until conditioned, the battery may seem to drain faster than expected. After conditioning, you do not need to repeat this process unless you do not charge Cove for an extended length of time.

The Battery Gauge

The battery gauge in the Cove app displays charge in 10% increments, and presents an approximate value.

When Cove is not sufficiently charged to perform a session, the gauge will turn red and the Cove app will instruct you to charge your Cove.

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