LED orange when starting a session, even though Cove is charged? Click here to learn more.

Cove uses an LED to communicate its status. Below are the different colors/patterns you may see, and what they indicate.

Why is the LED orange when I try to start a session?

Cove needs to pair with the Cove app periodically. If it's time to pair Cove, a orange LED will appear when you try to start a session, even if Cove is fully charged. Until you pair Cove, you will not be able to start a session offline.

Just pair Cove with the Cove app, and start a session by pressing the Cove button on the Home tab.

Pairing Cove is important to:

  • Keep your session history up to date

  • Check for updates to Cove's firmware

  • Make sure that Cove is running its best

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