Cove's firmware receives periodic updates. These updates include:

  • New features

  • Bug fixes

  • Stability and connectivity improvements

Firmware Update Availability

After pairing Cove to the Cove app, the app will notify you when new firmware updates become available via a banner at the top of the Home screen.

Depending on the importance of the update, you may need to update before you can do a session. In this case, the Cove button will be deactivated.

Initiating a Firmware Update

Begin by tapping the banner indicating a new update is available. Cove must meet 4 criteria to perform the update:

  1. Cove must be paired to the Cove app

  2. The Cove app must have internet connectivity

  3. Cove must be charged beyond a specific threshold

  4. Cove must be plugged in and charging

When all of those criteria are fulfilled, tap the "Update now" button.

The installation process will proceed automatically, during which time Cove will flash a white LED. Leave near your mobile device, and connected to a power source until the white LED stops flashing and the installation is complete.

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