The Home screen is your hub for information about your Cove and progress.

The content of the Home screen will change depending on whether or not Cove is connected, and if a session is on-going. The image below shows the Home screen when no Cove is connected, when connected, and during a session.

Cove Status

At the top of the Home screen is the status section. This indicates:

  • Whether Cove is connected

  • How much battery remains (via the green halo around the Cove icon)

  • If all Cove sessions have synced to the Cove app

The Cove Button

The Cove button is used to start a session when Cove is connected. While a session is on-going, the button changes to show how much of the session has elapsed.

Weekly Activity

The weekly activity shows:

  • Your current streak

  • The total number of sessions completed

  • A summary of your activity for the current calendar week (as indicated by a filled orb)


You can access your session history and Cove profile via the icons at the bottom of the screen.

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