The Profile screen contains information about your Cove profile, your Cove device, and your preferences. Note when no Cove is paired you will see an "Add Cove" button on the main Profile screen.

Personal Information

The Personal Information menu displays information about your Cove profile. This information is created the first time you log into the Cove app. At this time, you cannot edit your Personal Information.


Notifications allows you to adjust your notification preferences and set up reminders.

Cove Device Settings

Within Cove Device Settings you can see your Cove's firmware version, and remove Cove from your profile. You can enable Discreet Mode, which deactivates Cove's LED during a session. Finally, you can send your diagnostic data to the Cove Customer Care team for troubleshooting purposes.


The Help tab includes links to tutorials, a chat tool to reach the Customer Care team, and a search bar for the help center.

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