Initial Pairing

When using Cove for the first time, launch the Cove app and create your profile (if necessary).

Pairing requires that Bluetooth be enabled, so enable it if prompted. Follow the prompts to proceed through pairing.

Returning Users

For returning users, begin by resetting your Cove

Reset Cove

  1. Power on Cove

  2. Hold the Power button until the green LED turns off, and back on again (about 10 seconds)

If resetting Cove does not allow your Cove to pair, try removing any Cove devices from your Bluetooth settings and adding it again.

Remove Cove

(Looking for iOS?)

These steps may vary based on your Android device.

  1. Navigate Settings -> Connected devices

  2. Locate the Cove device in the list, and tap on it

  3. Tap "Forget"

Note that depending on your Cove firmware version, Cove may appear as an anonymous device in your Bluetooth settings.

Add Cove

  1. Launch the Cove app and navigate to your profile

  2. Tap "Add my Cove"

  3. Proceed through the pairing instructions

  4. Cove will begin pairing automatically; if it does not, hold the Intensity ⬇ button

Finally, if you're still having trouble, please contact the Customer Care team for further assistance.

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