There are two ways to purchase Cove as a gift:

To purchase from

  1. Select the Cove membership you wish to gift, and add it to your cart

  2. During checkout enter your email address, but change the shipping address to that of the gift recipient

  3. Enter the credit card information you wish to use for membership payments

  4. Once your order is placed, the recipient will receive the Cove unit included with membership; however, the activation code will arrive at your email

  5. Provide the activation code to the gift recipient

  6. When Cove is activated, any membership payments will apply to the payment method entered during checkout


To purchase from Amazon:

  1. Select the number of pre-paid Cove memberships to gift, and add them to your cart

  2. During checkout

    1. Enter the address of the recipient

    2. Select "Add gift options" and choose to include a note, or gift wrap your purchase

Add gift options

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