To activate your Cove membership:

  1. Follow these instructions to pair Cove (iOS, Android)

  2. If you purchased your Cove from, you may receive a prompt for an activation code. Enter the code to activate your Cove membership.

    1. Note that if you log into the Cove app with the same email you used when purchasing Cove, no activation code is needed

    2. If you purchased your Cove from Amazon, no activation code is needed

Once pairing is complete, your Cove membership is active.

30-day risk-free return period

If you signed up for Cove membership on, your membership includes a 30-day risk-free period. If you decide to cancel your Cove membership during the trial period, just head over to our returns portal.

Automatic Activation

Cove memberships purchased from must be activated within 30 days of purchase. If a membership is not activated within 30 days, it will activate automatically, which begins the 30 day risk-free return period.

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