New Cove Users

New Cove users must pair Cove (iOS, Android) with the app before their first use to activate their account.

Returning Cove Users

The Cove app is not required to start a Cove session. To start a session without the app:

  1. Power on Cove by holding the Power button for 3 seconds

  2. Once the green light appears, tap the Power button once more

  3. The light will begin pulsing purple, indicating a session has started

A Note About Pairing

The Cove app does not need to be used to start a session; however, Cove should be paired to the Cove app periodically. The Cove app can be used to view session history, check stats and streaks, and keep a progress journal. To ensure all session information is logged, pair Cove every 5-7 sessions.

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