What is the Cove Calibration tool?

Cove’s vibrations are very subtle, and it can be difficult to find the best intensity level. Lower is better, but you might need a little help finding the perfect intensity.

The Cove app includes a Calibration tool to help identify which intensity works best for you.

The Calibration tool provides a guided exercise to help you perceive Cove’s vibrations and is accessible at any time.

How to Calibrate Cove

  1. In the Cove app, navigate to “Profile” ➡️ “Cove Device Settings”

  2. Under “Default intensity,” select “Recalibrate your Cove”

    Cove device settings screen, which is accessible from the Profile tab int he bottom right corner of the app. This screen shows the default intensity set for your Cove device and there is a button on this screen to recalibrate your Cove.
  3. Put Cove on and tap “Let’s go” to begin calibration

    The first screen of the Calibration workflow, which shows a photo of the back of a person's head, showing how Cove should be worn. It says Let's update your intensity level. Make sure your Cove is unplugged and we'll adjust your default intensity. At the bottom of the screen, there is a button that says Let's go.

  4. Tap “I can feel it” as soon as you can feel the vibrations

This image shows two screens of the Cove app. The image on the left is the second screen of the Calibration flow, which appears once the Calibration flow is initiated. It shows a photo of the back of a person's head, showing how Cove should be worn. It reads

Your new default intensity will now be saved.

You can still change Cove’s intensity at any point during a session by using the Cove app or the Vibration Strength Up/Down buttons on the left side of Cove.

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